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Are you an academic institution that wants to provide extra for your students? Upcoming generations are increasingly searching for more meaningful use of their time. In a world of intensifying competition, everyone is looking for the differentiators. We provide an opportunity that you can’t find elsewhere. Our meaningful learning and service opportunities enable participants to be protagonists rather than an observers. They are fully engaged in the life of the communities they work with.  The civil society organisations we work with are ones we have worked with for years. The projects are meaningful to them and suggested by them – not a tourist add on. The learning provided takes place at many levels that enhances and augments the students academic studies.



Student Satisfaction

Offering the trip through the university offers greater value to students thereby attracting new students including international students and enhancing retention. There is increased satisfaction with uni choice, greater understanding of their course and enhanced skills such as research and analysis, assisting in better results in their degree.


Unique CPD for Staff

When staff attend our trips with students, they have an increased passion in subject areas such as development, politics, gender. They gain real development experience with an effective grass-roots organisation and learn more of the work of civil society.

They benefit from personal development: coping with a different culture, team working, consultation, perseverance, activism, confidence, networking, and reflection.


Enhanced Reputation

Many of our trips include the opportunity to participate in real United Nations processes - including various high level events.  Students and staff can network with international dignitaries and VIPs, some of which can lead to career opportunities and ongoing collaboration.


Fully Managed

The trip is fully managed for students safety, by a valued-based company. Impact Travels personnel have enhanced DBS; the trips have risk assessment, health and safety, and safeguarding measures in place; Impact Travels has long experience in organising trips and strong relations with each CSO. All travel is ATOL-protected.

Mr C Harris

Director of Challenge, Colyton Grammar School

"Students from Colyton Grammar School have been fortunate enough to take part in two Geneva-based trips to the UN’s Human Rights Council and the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women. In both cases, the students involved described the residential visits as life-changing experiences that have given them a profound global awareness; helped to shape their prospective career paths; and cultivated important real-world skills such as networking, speech-making and social media strategy. Students also noted the excellent pastoral care that was provided by the trip-leaders as well as the overall “access-all-areas” experience that they were granted at the UN. From a teacher’s perspective, I have been impressed with Impact Travels determination to build a partnership with the school that is based on shared values of friendship and altruism and it is therefore a relationship that we hope to maintain as key pillar of the long-term vision of our school. "

Emily Spelman

"The confidence and knowledge I have gained along with the outstanding opportunities which have been offered to me as a result of networking and speaking on a highly esteemed panel are life changing…As a result of CSW I have been lucky enough to receive valuable chances from it, such as attending the Parliament of World Religions in Canada…I I am inspired to make a change and from my experiences at CSW these changes will be catalysed: together I believe girls can drive the change which is needed…I am thankful to Impact Travel for giving me such an incredible opportunity and WRI for accrediting me."

Amelia Evans

Durham University

"This experience equipped me with invaluable experiences and enhanced my personal development greatly. ..This experience has a multitude of benefits, including the enhancement of your research, writing and presenting skills...the trip gives you the invaluable opportunity to practice your conduct within professional environments and prepares you for the world of professional work…I would highly recommend the trip for a unique, engaging and eye-opening experience."


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Student Stories

Our Expertise

Impact Travels has been working with academic institutions since 2005.  We have years of experience of understanding the needs of students and of schools and universities.  We have wide experience of the civil society sector and of working with the UN. Impact Travels is passionate about the importance of the UN and the role of civil society in all of its processes and works tirelessly to ensure the greatest inclusion possible.

We have worked personally with all of the civil society organisations with whom we engage and work with those who have a great track record of meaningful impact within their communities. We work with organisations and individuals that have the same values as ours. We offer a unique experience, a chance to make a positive impact whilst being sustainable in every part of our endeavour.

Safety First

The trip is fully managed for safety, by a valued-based company.  Impact Travels personnel have enhanced DBS.  Risk assessment, health and safety, and safeguarding measures are in place.  Impact Travels has long experience in organising international trips.



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